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Collaborating as a GCC Business Partner

If we have engaged your company as a GCC Business Partner, you may need to have access to certain online resources at GCC.

GCC uses G Suite for Business (formerly Google Apps for Business) - a Google-hosted application platform. As such, Google provides authentication and access control to our cloud-based resources. In order to gain access to GCC online resources, you will need to have an email account that Google recognizes. That can be accomplished in one of two ways:

  1. your existing company domain and email accounts are already hosted by Google (like GCC), or
  2. you can "register" your non-Google company email account with Google.

If your company's domain is hosted by Google (like GCC's is), then there is no further action to take. Simply provide your company email address to your GCC colleague, and they can use that to share resources with you.

If your company's domain is not hosted by Google, you will need to "register" your non-Google email account with Google. To register your non-Google email account for use with Google-based resources, please go to this page:


...and complete the Google account registration process. It will take less than 5 minutes.


  • In the field labeled "Choose your username", BE SURE TO CLICK "I prefer to use my current email address". (See the purple arrow in the screen shot below.) That will let you enter your non-Google company email address.
  • If you wish, you may choose to provide the same password in the Google form as you use for your company email account, but it may be different if you prefer. Either way, GCC WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ANY OF THIS GOOGLE ACCOUNT REGISTRATION INFORMATION.
  • In addition to name, email address, and password, you must enter some value for "birthday" and "gender". You do not need to provide a mobile phone number or a location.
  • When you've finished the registration form, agreed to Google's "Privacy and Terms", and submitted your information, you will get a confirmation email message at your company email address with more instructions on how to confirm that that is your account.
  • When you have followed the instructions in the confirmation email from Google, you're all set. You may notify your GCC colleague that your company email address is now registered with Google, and they may use that to share GCC online resources with you.

This page last updated 15 December 2017.