Global Health

Health Care Delivery That Goes the Distance

GCC Technologies supports programs that are saving lives and improving the health of people around the globe. Our services — which include supporting the effective delivery of medical supplies and protecting against pharmaceutical fraud, waste and abuse — are helping the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), international organizations and country partners improve access to basic health services around the world.

We support the effective distribution of medicines and health supplies by leveraging supply chain efficiencies. Our work includes delivering vital pharmaceuticals to many of the world’s most challenging locations. Our subject matter experts, who include medical and logistics professionals on the ground, are adept at navigating that last mile to ensure that lifesaving medications are delivered where and to whom they are needed.

We also draw on our security expertise to help commercial and government customers address diversion, fraud, waste and abuse of medical products and devices — both within the United States and worldwide. Our services in this area include program development and management, training, due diligence, and the design of collaborative public and private partnerships to address the issue of pharmaceutical fraud.

We are adroit at working around the globe, adapting each project to the local political and cultural environment as well as the management style and specific objectives of each client.



  • Medical Supply Chain Security

  • Pharmaceutical Distribution

  • Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Regulations and Policy Support

  • Data Protection/Information Assurance



Improving access to health products worldwide

GCC Technologies is part of a team that is helping the USAID build a global health supply chain to deliver pharmaceuticals and other commodities to many of the world’s most vulnerable and difficult-to-reach communities. The project is designed to help meet critical global health challenges by efficiently delivering health products to treat malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, as well as assisting in family planning and maternal and child health. GCC recently set up an operation in Johannesburg, South Africa, in support of this mission.